NTT can only be purchased by Data Center operators in fiat USD via Stripe credit card service or in USDC anonymously via Coinbase service. Free NTT can be gained from the Spartan Incentive Programs.

Purchase NTT

NTT can be purchased using fiat USD or USDC. The price of NTT is fixed at 1 USD.

Operation Steps

Visit Spartan Official Website and click "Top Up NTT":



  • Enter the NTT Wallet address;

  • Confirm the NTT Wallet address;

  • Enter the amount of NTT that is worth at least 1 US dollar;

  • Select your preferred payment method. Spartan Network now have two payment methods: Stripe and Coinbase. Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and China UnionPay, while Coinbase supports USDC payment. More payment methods will be introduced in the future;

  • Click the "Confirm" button, the system will generate an order number and jump to the payment platform you selected. Complete the payment on the pop-up window;


Pay by Stripe:


As shown in the above figure, confirm the invoice and enter your card information. After the payment is completed, you will receive a notification by email.


  • When paying with Stripe, you cannot exceed $999,999.99 in a single transaction.

Pay by Coinbase:


You can make the payment by USDC. After the payment is successful, you will receive a notification by email.


  • All payments above are made by the third-party payment platform, and the Spartan Network will never obtain your account information.

Check the email of Submitted Order

Users will receive an email notification when the order is submitted. You may also complete the payment via the link in the email.



Check the email of Successful Payment

Users will receive an email notification when the payment succeeds.

Check the email of NTT Arrived

Users will receive an email notification when NTT is credited.

Check NTT Balance

Users can check the NTT balance in their Data Center Management System. The NTT issuance is an on-chain operation, and there may be an unavoidable delay when receiving NTT.

Operation Steps

Click on "Home" to enter the page, check your NTT Balance:


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