Register Default Node

After registering the Default Node, users (now also Data Center Operators) will begin to receive incentives from the Incentive Programs. Users can also monitor the Default Node and Default Chain (Spartan-I) status in the Data Center Management System.

Submit the Registration Application

Use the Data Center Management System for all node registration, and the management system will call the Spartan Node Management Contract to register the node information on the chain. Choose Spartan-I NC Ethereum as the target chain.

Operation Steps

Click "Node Management"-> "Node Info" to enter the page:


Click the "Register" button:


  • Select Chain Name: Choose Spartan-I as the target chain;

  • Enter the Node ID;

  • Enter the Node Address;

  • Enter Signature;

  • Enter the RPC URL, so that users can monitor the status of the node in the Data Center Management System;

  • Supply the key store password;

  • Click the "Submit" button, the Data Center Management System’s backend scheduling task will submit the node information to the target chain directly and wait for the chain to carry out the Node Registration Test, we will send the result to the Data Center’s email address.

Check the email of the Notification of Submission

Users will receive an email if the application was submitted successfully. If successful, the node will be tested for registration; if it fails, users should resubmit the application.

Check the email of the Notification of Registration Test

Keep the node stably connected to the network during the registration test. If the node fails to pass the test, please check the node and network status, and resubmit the application again.

Check the Node Management List and Node Status

Once the node information has been recorded on the chain, users can find the node in the Node Management List.

Operation Steps

Click "Node Management"-> "Node Info" to enter the page:

In the list of nodes, users will see the status of all registered nodes. The node search function is also available.


Check NTT Balance

Free NTT from the Node Establishment Incentive Program will be sent to the user’s NTT Wallet once the node registration is complete. Please check your NTT balance.

Operation Steps

Click "Home" to enter the page, check your NTT Balance:


You can also click "NTT History" to view the transactions history of the NTT Wallet:


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