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The BSN Spartan network is a public infrastructure network based on the lightweight BSN Spartan data center software, which is open source, free, and anonymous for anyone to install. Within the data center, the nodes of several Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains can be installed and accessed. By removing the cryptocurrencies from public chains‘ layer one, the BSN Spartan network‘s mission is to provide Non-Cryptocurrency public chain services to all IT systems around the world to enjoy this kind of public IT system infrastructure.

New Data Center Registration

The BSN Spartan network is formed by all Spartan Data Centers linked together. You need to install the Data Center on your own cloud environment and provide Spartan network access to yourself and/or your end users. If you want to access Spartan network without installing a Data Center, please click here.

It is recommended to read through the entire Quick Start instruction and complete the first three steps before clicking the “Join Spartan” button, which is the fourth step in the process.

Join Spartan

Purchase NTT (Non-Tradable Token)

NTT is the universal non-transferable utility token used on the Spartan network to pay for Gas Credits on any NC Public Chain. Each data center only has one NTT Wallet. Gas Credits are consumed by the end-user wallets when deploying and executing smart contracts. Please refer to the whitepaper for details.

NTT can only be purchased by Data Center operators in fiat USD via Stripe credit card service or in USDC anonymously via Coinbase service. Free NTT can be gained through the Spartan Incentive Programs.

Top Up NTT

Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains

Spartan-I Chain
(Powered by NC Ethereum)
Spartan-I Chain transactions in the past two weeks
Spartan-II Chain
(Powered by NC Cosmos)
Spartan-II Chain transactions in the past two weeks
Spartan-III Chain
(Powered by NC PolygonEdge)
Spartan-III Chain transactions in the past two weeks

Tutorial Videos

BSN Spartan Network Quick Start Tutorial

BSN Spartan Network Operation Introduction

Technical Documentation

BSN Spartan Network White Paper
BSN Spartan Network User Manual
Data Center System Deployment Manual
NC Public Chain Node Deployment Manual
Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains Instructions

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